Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition process starts with an in-depth understanding the nature of the organization, their needs and their strategic plans. Focusing on these qualities helps us in taking creative decisions and in acquiring potential candidates for our clients.

Position specification and job profiles are defined in great details which ensures that our consultants are have both functional and regional expertise while identifying potential candidates. With the help of our high-level professional networks, thorough industry knowledge and wide range of internal research resources; our consultants  able to extend the field of talent search.

Our consultants undertake evaluation of the candidates keeping in mind our client’s requirements and the industry peers.

Thorough evaluation of the candidates involves:

Thomas Profiling it involves evaluation of the emotional intelligence of the short listed candidates. It provides a basis for development and training activities.

Cultural behavior assessment it includes study of the organization’s cultural thus making it easier to short list potential candidates.

Identifying potential and culturally fit candidates and leaders is a daunting task. We help our clients in every step of this process.

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