Synopsis of ERA Webinar

Rupak Agarwal ROBO – Human AI Recruiter

The Webinar provides insights into a conference hosted by EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS ASSOCIATION ( ERA ) on the topic of Robo Human AI Recruiter. It Introduces Sharp Group as a seasoned player in HR services with 24 years of experience and a diverse range of offerings such as talent acquisition, learning and development, and virtual CHRO services.

The event features Mr. Rupak, a visionary with over 25 years of experience across various industries, as the co-founder and CEO of Evumee Selection Robo, the world’s first digital human AI recruiter.

The discussion delves into the innovative approach of using AI-powered tools to streamline the recruitment process, assess candidate capabilities and enhance the overall recruitment experience. The system is designed to evaluate their skills, leaving only top-tier talents behind. The system can assess up to 10,000 candidates simultaneously, using multiple data points to provide a scientific recruitment approach. Through AI, the system extracts about 20,000 data points to judge the skill of candidates. The presentation showcases sample reports that summarise candidate assessments, highlighting scores on subject knowledge, skills, and soft skills.

Attendees engage in interactive sessions, asking questions about the system’s ability to assess passive candidates, the format of candidate reports sent to clients, and the integration of existing recruitment resources with the AI-powered tool. The event emphasises the importance of leveraging technology to enhance recruitment processes, add value, and stay at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Overall, the Webinar offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of recruitment, where the fusion of human expertise and artificial intelligence is reshaping traditional practices and paving the way for a more efficient and effective recruitment process.

ERA Talks

Delegates and clients from Europe of XPM/ WIL Group at India Partnership Journey (IPJ) in Delhi and Bangalore between 12th and 15th March.

Capturing delightful moments with some of our Mentors, industry veterans and colleagues from the industry. Happy to share!

IIM-Kashipur 2nd Annual Convocation

IIM- Kashipur, Leadership Conclave 2013-14

With ICICI and IIM Kashipur

IIM- Kashipur, Leadership Conclave

IIM- Kashipur, Leadership Conclave

IIM Kashipur Management Graduates,
Batch of 2014

IIM Kashipur

Our Advisory Board Member and Managing Director of Uttam Galva Steel Ltd Mr Anuj Miglani and CMO Abir Das Goodpeople Consulting LLP

With The Airtel Leadership Team in Nigeria

Mr. Manoj Mandavgane – MD, Bloom Systems Ltd

Kewalram Chanoi Group – Afri-Ventures, Lagos – With Mr. Siva Subramanian, MD and IIM Kashipur Team

Mr. Peshva Acharya – Marketing Consultant

With Our Young Colleagues In Manpower Resources Pvt Ltd In Bhubaneswar..Our Business Partner. Loved The Enthusiasm and Spirit

Training Session at Afri-Ventures, Lagos

VC Lucknow University Director Anand Mohan and Mr Sachin Agarwal MD PMT Industries at The CEO Conclave Organised by IMS Lucknow University

Bharat Banka CEO AV Birla Pvt Equity and Abir in GPC

Mr Chetan Tolia CPO & Member-POSH Committee Tata Power in His Office

Mr. Ravishankar and Mr. Prasad – Our Associates at Fish People, Dubai

Mr S K Dutt – President HR, ABG and Mr S. Venkatesh – President, RPG

Mr. Jyotirmoy Bose – Our Advisor

In IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur Convocation

IIM Kashipur Management Graduates, Batch of 2014

Prof. Abinash Panda – Chairperson, Placements – IIM Kashipur

S. K Datta Calcutta Business School Kolkata – Convocation 2015

Global Conference of WIL – Baveno (Italy)

MISB Bocconi Convocation

MISB Bocconi Convocation

With Mr Jagjit Singh Executive Director HR E&Y and Prof Manoj Iyer KIIT

NLP Certification Program

At MIT Convocation in Pune

Dr. Santrupt Misra Group Director HR A Birla Group and Prof Manoj Iyer KIIT

Global Conference of WIL-Baveno (Italy)

Global Conference of WIL-Baveno (Italy)

With Mahesh Gupta MD Ashok Piramal

With Himanshu Chakrawarti – Hicare

Workshop of X-PM

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