Functional Practices

Corporate Officers

Today Corporate Officers are expected to be more than functional leaders. They should provide strategic solutions, maximize opportunities for the organization and develop a bench of leaders beneath them.

We find and evaluate functional leaders across all sectors:

We help clients to identify potential Financial Officers who have a thorough knowledge of the market conditions and technical expertise to handle the constant changes in the organization’s environment.

We recruit Legal Officers who are apt at thinking strategically and who interact with the board of directors and take decisions in favor of the company.

We help clients recruit Human Resource Officers who play a lead role in managing succession planning and in advising the top level managers in collaborating human capital with business objectives.

We play a vital role in finding the best Chief Information Officers who are capable of supporting the overall strategy of the company through latest technology and of maintaining a strong relationship with important people within their organization.

We help clients in recruiting Supply Chain Officers who excel at diminishing costs, improve performance and at introducing innovations which helps the organization in having an edge over the competitors.

Marketing Officers should have a broad and deep knowledge of the market’s environment. They should understand the culture and the demographics of the market. We help clients look for such efficient and capable candidates.

Corporate Communications Officers are those who maintain a sound channel of communication with the internal and external audiences thus helping the organization in reinforcing their brand value.

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